Rappen Athuk: Pathfinder

A Siege of Folly

A dark week for Fairhill has turned darker still.

The heros who have so valiantly fought for our town have returned to the vampires keep on a rescue mission, to save their comrade Thendas Murian.

Freya has given our priestess Shandril horrible visions, the horrible tortures put upon Thendras, cunning and infernal divinations of the orcs – they indeed lay in wait for our heros ready to spill blood. And most horrible of all, she sees the death of her trusted friend Kath, who will be sacrificed on the alter of battle, cut to ribbons by orcs.

The heros must be saved! Arlen & Baran have denied aid to the adventurers to keep town defenses strong, though Shandril insists on reinforcing our new allies.

What will come of this?
Surely by the guidance of Freya must we be directed!



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