Rappen Athuk: Pathfinder

Fairhill 1 & 2

Fairhill 1 & 2

Out from the darkness came a valient four, Thendras Mirian, Ulok the outcast, Belara, and Alondra accompanied by Kath and Lauriel. True “feeders of the hawk” them all (warriors), never before had they set foot in Fairhill, gifts from warriors of ancient times (Lord Stirling). Upon our steed’s they did pursue a hoard of thieves, vandals, and arsonists – to their keep. That place of old magic and corruption, the abode of brigands & devils. Elarion’s keep.

Two nights they did lay siege to that old keep.

The first night to the blood of Thendras, upon which an ancient curse did lay claim, but in keeping his life the warriors did return to Fairhill and did regroup to launch a second siege.

The second night, attacking in the darkest hour, now it was on the battle sweat of Thendras, Ulok, Kath and a mysterious wizard. The party did use cunning and tactics as they climbed the broken wall and bested seven Orcish raiders to the death. Nagrod, the double-axe wielding Orc chieftain, three guards bearing spears, two guards hefting axe, and one sentry aiming ballista. With swords and spells the enemies were defeated.

Could the party withstand a second wave? A battle with the Ogre “Grosh” and and more evil designs will decide their fate.


The best game by far!

  • Role-playing a party divide, to press on or return.
  • Thendras sneaking into the keep and his near death from green-slime.
  • A battle that could have easily resulted in a character death.
Fairhill 1 & 2

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