Rappen Athuk: Pathfinder

Forest Trek 1 of 2

First day (Airday) of the month (Goodgrove)

The Fairhill bound party makes its way down the Tradeway until they cross paths with a messenger who warns that the road ahead has been washed out by the stormy weather and advises them that it could be days before it could be traversable.

Weighing their options the group decides to backtrack to a forest path which could lead them around the mountains to their destination in four days.

Seeing the group take the forest path, a reclusive Druid “Ulok the outcast” appears to make it known to them that a band of orks has been using that same path over the past few months and could be waiting in ambush. The party convinces the Druid to join them with promises to help him drive off any orks they may find along the way.

Along the path, a dead ork is found being pecked apart by ravens, the body, pin cushioned with a dozen miniature arrows the size of twigs.

Second day (Waterday) of the month (Goodgrove)

At night the party is awakened by a ranger who was on the trail of the orks. He informed them of a split in the forest path and advised the party to take the longer and safer path through the mountain switch-backs. He leaves promptly to continue his hunt.

In the morning the party sets down the path and arrives at a split, when suddenly a pair of wolves led by a much larger Worg attacks from behind and viscously wounds Alondra who takes the rush head-on to protect her horses. But strange fey-magic, and a few good counter attacks by the party drives the wolves off.

Mysterious creatures spy at the party from the trees after the wolves have left. Not attacking, but not wanting to be seen.


Andrew – We shouldnt have to roll if its not important, like the toad for example.
DM – But I don’t want you to know if its threatening or not.
Andre – But its a stupid toad.
DM – You dont know that, it could have been a Polymorphed Druid!
Dana – It just takes too much time, we could have finished travel but were here looking at a toad.
DM – Again with the toad! Why do you hate the toad? What about the rabbit or the bee?
Dana – I guess I dont understand why you are making us roll to see a toad…
DM – Its for atmosphear. This forest is full of animals making noises – you heard something, you looked for it, and it was just a toad.
Andre – What Dana is trying to say is that he dosnt want to waste time looking at toads.
DM – Did you talk to it? It could have been a Druid. Did you even try? No, but I guess you will never know now!
Dana – I’m sorry about the toad man.

Forest Trek 1 of 2

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