Rappen Athuk: Pathfinder

Forest trek 2 of 2

Second day (Waterday) of the 11th month (Goodgrove) through to
Fourth day (Fireday) of the 11th month (Goodgrove)

The spying creatures are revealed; a Pixie, Tengu, Brownie, and a Leprechan – the last remaining faeries of the woods. They tell a sad tale of the curse brought by the orks, what they refer to as “The curse of the cork”. They beg the group to help by removing the curse which sleeps at the bottom of their sacred lake located deep within the canyon.

The party agrees to help the fey. Down the Canyon the group finds that the orks passage through the canyon has left a trail of destruction. They have hewn the natural rock walls in places to make space for large equipment, they have killed the canyons guardians, and worst of all, they have left a trio of evil worgs to kill any who would discover their passage way.

The worgs are named:

When the group enters an ancient sinkhole they find the sacred lake, now corrupted by whatever lays at the bottom, the once pure spring is now a slimy toad-hole. After testing the waters and getting answers from a goblin engineer, the barbarian “Thendras” swims to the bottom of the lake to find the “cursed cork” and with the help of the Ulok and Alondra secures the corks release. Life and vitality slowly return to the sacred site.

Later that night the group must escape from the worgs again and with their backs to the wall, almost literally, they escape into the faerie-world. In this strange dimension of beautiful madness the group is stopped, thanked, rewarded with 1000 lbs of treasure, and then cursed with a gaeas to hunt the orks for the whole season of summer (2 months remaining). If they succeed they have been promised more treasure, if they fail, they have been promised a swift execution.

The players were then brought through the faerie world to Fairhill, albeit a bit abruptly into the closet of Voril, the town blacksmith.


“He brings the storm! He brings the thunder! He is Ravage!
-Faeries crying about the Worg Druid

“There he goes!”
On Andrew throwing the dice (Now the game is officially fun).

DM – The cursed cold-iron cork is lifted up from the lake, spilling irony water from the mouths of the embosed gargoyles.
Andrew & Daniel – Ironic Water? Dont you mean rusty?
Everyone – LOLZ

Forest trek 2 of 2

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