Rappen Athuk: Pathfinder

The Wizards Amulet

20th day (Spirit day) of the month (Harvestime)

An adventuring party known as “The Apes” take to the road under the employ of Corrian the Wizard
The party is harassed at night by the dangerous Leucrotta, a demonic creature, who was teaching its fawn how to hunt humans. The party escaped the fiendish creature, but was decimated the next night by a swarm of Stirges, giant bat-sized mosquitos.

Another band of adventurers had followed Corrians tracks from the Port-city Reme. They found the remains of the Ape’s camp with no-one left alive but the cowering wizard Corrian.

Taking Corrian into the party the group presses on, only to find a family, butchered like animals on their own land. Taking shelter for the night in the families barn, the party is attacked by an evil Necromancer Vortigern who desires an amulet held by his nephew Corrian the Wizard. A fight breaks out and the resulting melee kills Corrian and Velah the Cleric. The necromancers familiar “Talon” snatches the wizards Amulet from the party and brings it to Vortighern who, having won so easily, leaves the fight laughing hysterically in self-satisfaction.

In the morning, the party decides to split up. Half being led by Alondra, pressing on to Fairhill, the other half returning to Reme to report Vortighern’s murderous actions.


“Im being fondled by an Imp!!!”
-Agnier the rogue

“Ditching my team-mates”
-A book on surviving combat by Alondra Arroway & Belara

The Wizards Amulet

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