Rappen Athuk: Pathfinder

A Siege of Folly

A dark week for Fairhill has turned darker still.

The heros who have so valiantly fought for our town have returned to the vampires keep on a rescue mission, to save their comrade Thendas Murian.

Freya has given our priestess Shandril horrible visions, the horrible tortures put upon Thendras, cunning and infernal divinations of the orcs – they indeed lay in wait for our heros ready to spill blood. And most horrible of all, she sees the death of her trusted friend Kath, who will be sacrificed on the alter of battle, cut to ribbons by orcs.

The heros must be saved! Arlen & Baran have denied aid to the adventurers to keep town defenses strong, though Shandril insists on reinforcing our new allies.

What will come of this?
Surely by the guidance of Freya must we be directed!

Escape from the Ogre

We sing a song of lament, for Thendras Mirian has been captured and left to the devices of the murderous orcs.

The rest of the band: Ulok, Kath, Lauriel, and Salvador have returned to us – battered and bloodied.

Beware the briar patch – the Ogre may still lurk within

Beware the fluttering sounds of leathery wings – an unseen devil harries unsuspecting travelers – stinging with a numbing barb from hell.

Shall the adventurers rescue their comrad Thendras? Shall any return from the night that sets upon that insidious castle?

-Ott the Ferret (Bard and town crier)

Fairhill 1 & 2

Fairhill 1 & 2

Out from the darkness came a valient four, Thendras Mirian, Ulok the outcast, Belara, and Alondra accompanied by Kath and Lauriel. True “feeders of the hawk” them all (warriors), never before had they set foot in Fairhill, gifts from warriors of ancient times (Lord Stirling). Upon our steed’s they did pursue a hoard of thieves, vandals, and arsonists – to their keep. That place of old magic and corruption, the abode of brigands & devils. Elarion’s keep.

Two nights they did lay siege to that old keep.

The first night to the blood of Thendras, upon which an ancient curse did lay claim, but in keeping his life the warriors did return to Fairhill and did regroup to launch a second siege.

The second night, attacking in the darkest hour, now it was on the battle sweat of Thendras, Ulok, Kath and a mysterious wizard. The party did use cunning and tactics as they climbed the broken wall and bested seven Orcish raiders to the death. Nagrod, the double-axe wielding Orc chieftain, three guards bearing spears, two guards hefting axe, and one sentry aiming ballista. With swords and spells the enemies were defeated.

Could the party withstand a second wave? A battle with the Ogre “Grosh” and and more evil designs will decide their fate.

Forest trek 2 of 2

Second day (Waterday) of the 11th month (Goodgrove) through to
Fourth day (Fireday) of the 11th month (Goodgrove)

The spying creatures are revealed; a Pixie, Tengu, Brownie, and a Leprechan – the last remaining faeries of the woods. They tell a sad tale of the curse brought by the orks, what they refer to as “The curse of the cork”. They beg the group to help by removing the curse which sleeps at the bottom of their sacred lake located deep within the canyon.

The party agrees to help the fey. Down the Canyon the group finds that the orks passage through the canyon has left a trail of destruction. They have hewn the natural rock walls in places to make space for large equipment, they have killed the canyons guardians, and worst of all, they have left a trio of evil worgs to kill any who would discover their passage way.

The worgs are named:

When the group enters an ancient sinkhole they find the sacred lake, now corrupted by whatever lays at the bottom, the once pure spring is now a slimy toad-hole. After testing the waters and getting answers from a goblin engineer, the barbarian “Thendras” swims to the bottom of the lake to find the “cursed cork” and with the help of the Ulok and Alondra secures the corks release. Life and vitality slowly return to the sacred site.

Later that night the group must escape from the worgs again and with their backs to the wall, almost literally, they escape into the faerie-world. In this strange dimension of beautiful madness the group is stopped, thanked, rewarded with 1000 lbs of treasure, and then cursed with a gaeas to hunt the orks for the whole season of summer (2 months remaining). If they succeed they have been promised more treasure, if they fail, they have been promised a swift execution.

The players were then brought through the faerie world to Fairhill, albeit a bit abruptly into the closet of Voril, the town blacksmith.

Forest Trek 1 of 2

First day (Airday) of the month (Goodgrove)

The Fairhill bound party makes its way down the Tradeway until they cross paths with a messenger who warns that the road ahead has been washed out by the stormy weather and advises them that it could be days before it could be traversable.

Weighing their options the group decides to backtrack to a forest path which could lead them around the mountains to their destination in four days.

Seeing the group take the forest path, a reclusive Druid “Ulok the outcast” appears to make it known to them that a band of orks has been using that same path over the past few months and could be waiting in ambush. The party convinces the Druid to join them with promises to help him drive off any orks they may find along the way.

Along the path, a dead ork is found being pecked apart by ravens, the body, pin cushioned with a dozen miniature arrows the size of twigs.

Second day (Waterday) of the month (Goodgrove)

At night the party is awakened by a ranger who was on the trail of the orks. He informed them of a split in the forest path and advised the party to take the longer and safer path through the mountain switch-backs. He leaves promptly to continue his hunt.

In the morning the party sets down the path and arrives at a split, when suddenly a pair of wolves led by a much larger Worg attacks from behind and viscously wounds Alondra who takes the rush head-on to protect her horses. But strange fey-magic, and a few good counter attacks by the party drives the wolves off.

Mysterious creatures spy at the party from the trees after the wolves have left. Not attacking, but not wanting to be seen.

The Wizards Amulet

20th day (Spirit day) of the month (Harvestime)

An adventuring party known as “The Apes” take to the road under the employ of Corrian the Wizard
The party is harassed at night by the dangerous Leucrotta, a demonic creature, who was teaching its fawn how to hunt humans. The party escaped the fiendish creature, but was decimated the next night by a swarm of Stirges, giant bat-sized mosquitos.

Another band of adventurers had followed Corrians tracks from the Port-city Reme. They found the remains of the Ape’s camp with no-one left alive but the cowering wizard Corrian.

Taking Corrian into the party the group presses on, only to find a family, butchered like animals on their own land. Taking shelter for the night in the families barn, the party is attacked by an evil Necromancer Vortigern who desires an amulet held by his nephew Corrian the Wizard. A fight breaks out and the resulting melee kills Corrian and Velah the Cleric. The necromancers familiar “Talon” snatches the wizards Amulet from the party and brings it to Vortighern who, having won so easily, leaves the fight laughing hysterically in self-satisfaction.

In the morning, the party decides to split up. Half being led by Alondra, pressing on to Fairhill, the other half returning to Reme to report Vortighern’s murderous actions.


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