Bog Man
Dwarf Druid6 Location: Rappan Athuk LvlG
Jumped down the well to escape the horrors of the Graveyard.
Couldn’t swim because of his cursed armor. Summoned natures ally “Shark”. To stay afloat.
Couldn’t cast magic (speak w/ animals) because of drowning. Shark ate him.

Bog Man
There once was a dwarf who lived in a bog
preferred the swamp to a cave
He hoisted the dead-men o’er his back
and thew them in the spring

A witch-nymph was not taken with this
she cursed him with a grip
Now his skin grew with vines and twigs
forever he should be fixed

No longer could the lad produce
grave-robbing has made him sick
a party he joins to plunder with aid
and remove the witches trick

Poor dwarf and “Peatey”, his bloated pet rat
so weighted down, his summoning choked with gasps
sharks are the closest ally, a mile off the coast
but uncommanded sharks blindly fill their throats.
-Graverobbers Chant

Baron Von Josh
Elf Sorcerer6 Location: Rappan Athuk Lvl1
Ran into the caverns to escape the horrors of the dungeon.
In the caverns – set upon by a swarm of rats.
Panicing a party member miss-fires a flask of alchemists fire.
Baron von Josh = cooked rat-food.

“It is customary in these lands to cook a rat to taste
for in the name of the Barron we shall not spook to haste
We take care to aim our shot, 3,2,1 before we throw,
For in the flames our number is up, and rats will gnaw our bones.”
-Song of the Barron

Rats! Aghhhhh! The bane of my exsistance!
-Last words of Barron von Josh

The Silent Monk
Elf Monk6 Location: Rappan Athuk Lvl1
Escaped the horrors of the cavern rats by jumping into the river.
But alas he had no raft so down the river, bend after bend. We never saw or heard from him again.

“In the deep one must seek to do well by his band.
For foolish men meet foosish ends down in the watery bends.
A monk might be devout to a certain path
but other paths are best navigated with crafts…Like rafts.”
-Bardic song of caution

Crude hand-gesture
-last reported action of the monk

The Lead Paladin
Human Paladin6 Location: Rappan Athuk Lvl3
Bravely fought the Purple Worm.
Chomp, crunch crunch, gulp, burp
Later retrived by the party, brought to town but couldnt be resurected
Later rejoined the party as an Undead exPaladin

Beware the Purple Worm
-Speigle the Archmage


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