The Tradeway follows the northern bank of the Greywash River as it winds its course from Reme, past Bards Gate, to the forest kingdoms beyond.

The vale between the river and the mountains through which the Tradeway runs is verdant green and dotted with pine forests and lesser woodlands, though the forests have been cleared back from the road. Hawks and falcons are a common sight, as are larger eagles. The vale contain plentiful game.

The Tradeway is well patrolled by both bandits and the Grand Duke’s sheriffs who hunt them. It is also well traveled by merchants and adventurers in search of fortune and glory. It has also seen a number of orc raiding parties, causing much concern to merchants and villagers alike. Never before have orcs been present in such number, nor have they been bold enough to dare a daytime raid on the main road.

The road itself is raised and made of hard-packed dirt. In some stretches it is even paved with smooth stones. Occasionally there are way stations to the side of the Tradeway.-large stockades made of logs with large gates in which merchants can corral their wagons and rest for the night with some security.

The half-day’s march from the Tradeway to the village of Fairhill runs along a small but well-traveled dirt road through lightly rolling hills and fertile grass-lands, sloping gently upward toward the foothills of the Stonehart mountains.


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