Treasure-Box of a by-gone Village

Left Outer Pannel – The Town on the hill – Sun & Moon banner, trees (Old God religions)

Front Outer Panel – Town square: town feasting and mirthfull while Goat Effigy thrown down well (Goat is dressed as a town idiot – hat) while officials celebrate in their box.
Knowledge Religion or History (Twist – hat of shame today was actually headdress for Druids in those times.)
Perception: (Minute detail Bags of salt next to well)

Right Side Panel – marching military figures plated with blackened lead, marching into town – black sun banner (Revolution)

Must be unearthed to view
Back Panel – Town with raised Black Sun banner, is butchered by military, alter of Orcus, same officials in the same box watch in horror.

Interior Lid: What then orbits the Black Square? Language: “Old Tounge”

Treasure-Box of a by-gone Village

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